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Bob struggles with his emotions as he lays his son to rest in Emmerdale

But can he be bring himself to trust and support his daughter?

Bob’s emotional as he tells Wendy that he’s refusing to see Cathy to protect her from himself.

The following day, Brenda’s livid when Bob continues to avoid a heartbroken Cathy and giving him both barrels, tells him that he needs to step up and support his daughter. Clearly in torment, Bob mulls over Brenda’s words.

When the day of Heath's funeral arrives, Bob's distraught to think Cathy’s still lying as he crumbles at the prospect of the day. With the funeral looming over the entire village, it stirs up old memories and Wendy tries to console a distraught Bob.

Deciding he can't face today, Bob refuses to attend the funeral, preferring to be alone with his grief. When Pollard breaks the news to Cathy, she's gutted but puts her feelings aside, determined to do right by her brother.

Whilst the village turns out to pay their respects to Heath, Bob's crippled by all-consuming grief. As Cathy begins to buckle under the emotional weight of seeing Heath’s coffin, she's grateful to find a supportive Bob by her side.

Later, Cathy's broken to realise that Bob still doesn’t believe her and standing her ground, states that she won't move home if Bob can’t believe her. As an emotional Bob exits, gutted to be back at square one with his daughter, Cathy's friends support her.

Meanwhile, in the graveyard, Angelica is overwhelmed with guilt. Will she finally confess that she was driving the car the day Heath died?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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