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Bob suffers a heart attack after landing a punch on Liam in Emmerdale

Will he be OK? And can he ever forgive Liam and Wendy?

With Bob still angry about Wendy and Liam, Liam’s stunned when Wendy arrives at his house to hand in her notice of resignation. Grateful for Liam’s understanding, Wendy’s keen to repair her relationship with Bob.

After another run-in with Archie and his football outside the B&B, a grumpy Bob launches his football into the air and becomes distracted after noticing Wendy and Liam leaving Tenants cottage together.

Seeing red, Bob assumes their affair is still going on and punches Liam in the face. Despite the villagers' best efforts to calm him, Bob lobs the ball at Liam.

But then panic sets in as Bob suffers a heart attack! As Bob leaves in an ambulance, both Wendy and Liam feel terrible as the blame game begins.

The next day, Wendy’s relieved when Bob starts to stir in his hospital bed. Recalling his heart attack, Bob gets emotional.

Mustering all her strength, Bernice encourages Brenda not to blame Wendy and focus on Bob’s health instead.

At the hospital, Liam tentatively apologises to Bob for the affair. But will Bob forgive? And is he being utterly truthful about everything?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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