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Bobby Beale collapses in shocking EastEnders scenes

But will he survive?

Feeling the pressure to earn some cash, Dotty promotes a club night at Ruby’s with Vinny after turning down Ian's cash offer.

When Phil refuses her a pay rise, Dotty flirts with Peter and invites him to the party leaving Bobby gutted as he’s not old enough to go. But when Peter cottons on to Bobby’s plans to go to the club night, he knocks his confidence after finding out about his crush on Dotty.

Later at the club, Bobby attempts to buy laughing gas from Dotty who is having none of it and when he goes to buy her a drink, he's gutted that Peter got there first.

Upset, Bobby follows one of Dotty’s customers and as Dotty and Peter go to kiss, Bobby collapses.


EastEnders continues Monday 27th at 7.30pm and Tuesday 28th April at 8pm on BBC One

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