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Brenda supports Faith in Emmerdale

As she makes amends with Pollard.

As Faith avoids Chas, thinking it was her who took Cain's money to leave, Brenda tries to talk some sense into her. But Faith struggles to hear it and tells Brenda to sort her own relationship out before getting on her high horse.

Meanwhile, Pollard’s desperate to make amends with Brenda and she finds herself powerless to resist him. And Pollard's all ears when Brenda suggests she has a better plan than kicking out Faith in her hour of need.

In the Woolpack Backroom, Chas is left crestfallen when Faith gives back Cain’s money and, fighting tears, exits with her head held high.

Later at Pollard’s Barn, Brenda tells Faith that she can stay at Pollard’s Barn, but she is moving in too to ensure there’s no funny business. Faith is genuinely grateful for the support.

Emmerdale continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV

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