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Britney interrupts Whitney and Zack's vows to reveal that Lauren slept with Zack in EastEnders

Will her confession stop Whitney from getting her happy ever after?


Whilst Whitney and Zack are a vision of happiness with baby Dolly, Zack’s bliss is short-lived when Bianca arrives home with Britney.

Making his excuses to speak to Britney alone, Zack pleads with her to keep quiet about Lauren. But the pair are sidelined when Zack realises he failed to tell the Square about his and Whitney’s cancelled wedding.

Back at the flat, Whitney worries about Britney’s behaviour and thinks that it’s because of Dolly’s arrival. But when Zack reasons it’s because of the cancelled wedding, Whitney decides to get married later that day as planned.

Arriving at No.25 as Whitney gets ready, Lauren is filled with guilt after the pair share a heart-to-heart.

Elsewhere, Zack too is overcome with guilt but covers to Martin and Sharon and Britney is given food for thought after Lily brings her up to speed on Whitney’s previous heartache and contemplates whether to keep Zack’s secret.

Later that day, Whitney walks down the aisle with baby Dolly. Joining them at the alter as the pair say their vows, Britney can’t contain herself and reveals that Zack and Lauren slept together.

Reeling at Britney’s revelation, will Whitney believe her?

When Penny and Lauren have a drink in The Vic, they're met with disgusted looks from onlookers and Elaine, before Bianca arrives to speak to Linda and faces off with her cousins.

Later on in the week, when Peach’s Baby Loss certificate arrives in the post, Whitney visits Zack, after remembering that they have to register Dolly’s birth.

Elsewhere, Bianca heads to the café, where a row ensues with Vinny.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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