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Brody comes out of hiding to prove his innocence in Hollyoaks

But when he breaks into Sienna's flat to see Faith, will he get caught?

Sienna asks Summer if they can slow things down after Damon touches a nerve by questioning her priorities. And spilt food colouring gives Summer the idea to pretend Brody has come back to attack her. She even tells Sienna that he’s beaten her before. But who will Sienna believe?

A guilty conscience makes Liberty write a condolence note for Leah, which she swaps for the card that Summer intended to put with a cake for Leah’s family. When Summer later delivers the cake, Ste finds the card inside thinking it’s Leah’s attacker messing with them.

Looking for Summer, Ste questions Sienna about the card, and she is delighted when she recognises the handwriting immediately, so calls Damon to tell him the good news.

When Summer overhears, she tries to convince Sienna to let her give the letter to the police instead. But will Sienna listen?

Later, Damon tries to get Sienna to see that Summer is gaslighting her but when she brings the topic up with Summer, she denies it.

Returning to the village, Brody meets with best friend Damon in The Folly to discuss their plan. Determined to set the world to rights, Damon tries to get Brody to help him find Liberty and prove his innocence.

But Brody worries about being locked up and refuses to meet Damon without more evidence.

Before he goes back into hiding, Brody breaks into Sienna’s flat to see Faith and is forced to duck behind the washing when he hears Sienna and Summer coming. But will they find him?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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