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Cain bonds with Caleb as he's welcomed into the Dingle family in Emmerdale

But will Cain agree to go into business with him?

As Caleb attempts to broker peace between the warring Nate and Cain, their interest is peaked when Caleb suggests making the driving firm a shared enterprise between Cain, Nate and Nicky.

And whilst Nate shows interest, it's clear that Cain isn’t convinced. However, despite their past hostility, it seems the two are finally headed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, making his entry into the family official, Caleb drinks from the Dingle welly. As the successful family gathering draws to a close, Chas is happy to see her brothers working together when they set about cleaning up.

As Cain and Caleb wash up, the brothers start to reunite and Caleb’s happy when Cain suggests he won’t completely rule out going into business together.

The following morning, as they catch up after last night’s gathering, Caleb’s amused when Cain ropes him in to help with work at the garage.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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