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Cain helps Dan and Amelia to go on the run to remain as a family in Emmerdale

But have they made the right decision?

Despite Dan’s best efforts to plan for her future, Amelia is convinced there is another path they can take, and that's to go on the run! When Dan protests, Amelia is insistent they can escape to Ireland in order to stay as a family.

The following day, Amelia is stressed about losing her dad to prison and almost accidentally hurts Esther. At the last second, they're saved by Dan and they're both scared to know that soon, they'll be losing each other.

Seeing his daughter’s fear and being overwhelmingly scared of prison, Dan comes around to the idea of running away and the next day, Dan desperately corners Cain and asks for help to flee the country.

After Cain agrees to help, Dan confirms to Amelia their escape plan will go ahead but reminds her she cannot tell anyone including Noah. Scared, Amelia is determined to do this with her father.

Later, when Cain presents Dan and Amelia with ferry tickets, an old car and a burner phone for their escape to Ireland, it all suddenly becomes very real for them both. Sharing a sad smile about leaving Emmerdale, they set off as a three.

But have they made the right decision? And should Dan face the music for his one-punch misdemeanour?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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