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Cain puts Tracy and Pollard in danger after she goes into labour in Emmerdale

But will they survive?

When Will rejects Kim’s amorous advances, he explains how Lucas has been taken away by social services and touched by Kim's empathy, they begin to grow closer.

Later, Kim enlists the help on Mack to steal more cars from the garage. When Mack questions her motives, she confesses that she's out to ruin Cain.

After Aaron spots a shifty Mackenzie hanging round the garage, Dan and Cain are stunned to find two more cars missing and Cain is suspicious.

The next day, Kim revels as Dan and a furious Cain deal with the customer whose car was stolen. When Pollard books in his car for a service, Kim calls Mackenzie and orders him to steal it.

However, a suspicious Cain tells Moira that he has tampered with the brakes of Pollard’s car to teach Mackenzie a lesson when he tries to steal it. Moira then orders them to put a stop to their plan.

Later, Tracy is convinced that she's going into labour. Worried Tracy is about to give birth, Pollard gets his car from the garage and takes a screaming Tracy to hospital.

However Dan, thinking Mackenzie to be the culprit, doesn’t realise it’s Pollard taking the car. When Cain sees Mackenzie he's left gobsmacked, realising it's not him behind the wheel of Pollard's car.

As Pollard drives to the hospital, his brakes fail and as Pollard braces himself for impact, Tracy screams in terror.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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