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Cain takes revenge on Will in Emmerdale

Will Caleb come to Will's rescue?

Angry about Caleb continuing to take liberties at Home Farm, Will asks a reluctant Nicky to spy on him and with Cain already anxious ahead of the hearing, he's put out when Amy keeps to the bail conditions preventing him from seeing his son.

Later, at The Hide, Amy and Kyle join Will and Lucas and the young boys become engrossed in a game together. When Amy has to dash and sign some papers for the solicitor, Will offers to take Kyle to the playground with him and Lucas but things soon kick off when Cain spots them.

As Will and Cain have a tense discussion about Amy’s orders to keep Cain away from Kyle, she arrives at the confrontation and is quick to remind him that he’s not allowed access to his son.

Arriving to diffuse the situation, Caleb leads Cain away and later, an angry Amy broods as Victoria returns home and hears about the earlier confrontation and is shocked when Amy shares her plan.

Later, Will apologises to Amy for the altercation with Cain but the pair of them are shocked when an escaped Apollo, the new stud horse, charges down Main Street. Both unaware that wanting revenge on Will for the altercation about Kyle the other day, Cain unlocked the gate to Apollo’s horse stall.

Watching from afar, Cain feasts on Will’s despair; he’s out of his depth trying to control the horse.

Suddenly, Caleb and Sam arrive with a horse box to deal with the situation and Caleb makes his disdain for Will clear. Watching on, Cain is thrilled to see Will humbled and meek from the chaos.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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