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Caleb forms a plan to betray his family following feud between Will and Cain in Emmerdale

How far is Caleb willing to go?

Fed up with Cain’s messing, a fuming Will sets his sights on retribution and confronts him at the garage, but is forced to concede and apologise.

When Cain makes a remark about Kim, Will reacts with a punch and it looks like blood is going to be shed and Jimmy and Caleb stand between the duelling Will and Cain.

Later, back from her trip, Kim confronts Cain who's left thoughtful when she insists this is his final warning. Worried about where his loyalties lie, Kim soon decides to end their partnership after Caleb messes up the land purchase for the stud farm.

When he hears that Cain and Moira’s farm borders with Home Farm, Caleb soon forms a plan and Kim is intrigued as to just how far Caleb will go when he suggests a plan to betray his own family to secure the land they need.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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