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Caleb panics as Nicky comes out to Gabby and pulls out of wedding in Emmerdale

As Caleb's façade slips, is the game finally up for Caleb?

When Kim logs into her bank account, unbeknownst to her, Caleb also secretly hacks his way in and elatedly discovers her last outstanding password necessary to later clear her finances out.

On the outskirts of the village, a hungover Nicky meets Ally, who suggests he marries him instead. Looking thrown, Nicky walks away and before long, Kim joins Caleb to look over the Stud Farm plans and asks him to arrange for the architect ‘Adrian’ to visit.

Meanwhile, Nicky continues to hate the lie he is living and panics when Caleb tells him the goalposts have moved again, they will have to play a longer game.

Frustrated, Nicky tells his dad he wants out and the next day, the wedding buzz begins as the families prepare for the big day and Caleb is quietly smug as he introduces Adrian to Kim.

As the pair hit it off, Caleb’s happy his plan is seemingly going like clockwork whilst Gabby, now in her wedding dress gets emotional and reveals to Nicky how she wants him to officially adopt Thomas. But it's all too much for Nicky who blurts out that he's gay and can’t go through with the wedding.

Sideswept by the news, Gabby is totally distraught and Caleb panics when he hears Nicky has pulled out of the wedding.

Confronting his son, Caleb punches him hard in the face. Nicky is stunned that his father is casting him adrift when Caleb orders Nicky to take the fall when he empties the Home Farm accounts.

Frustrated, Caleb then tries to get in touch with Adrian and fast-track his plan but he’s alarmed on logging in to find Kim’s bank accounts already empty.

Soon, when confronted by an angry Kim, Caleb’s façade slips. Is the game up for Caleb? Will he reveal who he really is? Or has his plan been foiled before he had a chance to bring Kim Tate down?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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