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Caleb's body lies lifeless in Emmerdale after a mystery figure pushes him over the edge

Will Caleb survive? And having made many enemies, who pushed him?

After Caleb takes up residence in the B&B, Cain is seething and eager to avoid a fight Nate suggests they let the family decide Caleb’s fate.

That afternoon, the Dingle Court convenes to debate Caleb. Belle, Cain, Charity, Chas, Moira, Nate, Noah, Sam, Zak and the court is thrown on its head when the defendant himself makes a surprise appearance, resolute he’s staying in the village. But will it be his choice?

The next day, Moira does her utmost to deter Cain from revenge. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Gabby, despite still struggling with her heartbreak, turns up for work but is far from over Nicky and her family support her. And Leyla rejects Caleb when he tries to apologise.

Gutted to see Mack and Chloe getting close, Charity offers Caleb a drink and before long, they bond over wine and find solace in each other and the next day, both agree to keep last night a secret.

Apprehensive over facing the villagers after her mortifying heartbreak, Gabby's fears are proven right when a tense altercation with Caleb leaves her upset and Caleb invites Leyla to lunch in the pub.

Just as Leyla begins to forgive Caleb, a bust-up between Charity and Mackenzie leads to a shocking revelation that captures the attention of the entire pub.

After Charity reveals she slept with Caleb, pandemonium breaks out in the pub and a jealous Mack squares up to Caleb.

Once home, Gabby’s upset after her run-in with Caleb and Will simmers with anger on her behalf. Unimpressed to hear what Charity has done, Cain is apoplectic to hear that Vinny is selling up to Caleb.

When Caleb goads him, Caun lunges for Caleb and Chas and Moira pull Cain away. A while later, Caleb further enrages Mack, who only came to apologise for yesterday.

Burning with fury, Mack ominously assures him there will be consequences.

With Will still seething at Caleb, David reassures Leyla as he does his utmost to prevent her from relapsing, promising there will be an opportunity for them to watch Caleb’s comeuppance from the sidelines.

That afternoon, the villagers all unite against Caleb during a tense altercation in the pub. Squaring up to them all Caleb takes verbal potshots at each of them. Exasperated with the spectacle, Chas throws him out whilst the others glare bloody murder.

As Caleb walks away, unbeknownst to him, a mystery figure pursues him and that evening, out on a woodland ridge, Caleb’s blindsided when the unknown figure rushes out and pushes him over the edge, leaving his lifeless body sprawled on the ground below.

Back in the village, a number of suspicious characters all return from mysterious outings and under a peaceful Yorkshire view, Caleb’s body lies lifeless at the bottom of the ridge. Who pushed him remains unclear.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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