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Caleb's cover is blown in Emmerdale as Nate reconnects with an old school friend

Could Corey be the answer to Nate's financial woes?

Whilst Nate struggles to share Tracy’s optimism over their financial problems, Cain is approached by Corey, whose job for the garage intrigues him.

Later at the pub, Cain and Corey agree to a business deal with the garage and Nate is surprised when he arrives and recognises Corey from school.

As he enjoys a pint with his long-lost mate, Nate is embarrassed when Charity asks if he still wants Eve’s hand-me-downs and feels like a failure in the shadow of Corey’s success.

After taking Cain's loan, Moria confirms that she slept easier, but Cain is annoyed when Nate refuses extra work. Clearly up to something, Nate leaves and later nervously begs Corey for a job. But is left disappointed when Corey tells him he can’t help him with any work.

At the farm, Nate and Mackenzie make amends, before raiding Moira’s kitchen, leaving both of them glad that there are no hard feelings.

Arriving later at the garage, Mackenzie’s chuffed when Cain lets him help with his new fleet of car. As Caleb ends a hushed call in the pub, a brooding Cain enters and pays Caleb his first instalment on their loan and Caleb watches him leave with sadness, secretly wishing there was more he could do.

Outside, a smiling Tracy is happy about her induction whilst Nate’s hacked off to see Mackenzie working at the garage.

Heading off, Nate knows exactly what he has to do. Entering the office, Corey's face drops when he sees Nate asking for work. Thrown to see Nate there, Caleb's cover as a silent investor is blown.

Trying to backtrack, Caleb buys Nate's silence, but it's not long before Nate threatens to tell Cain everything about Caleb’s business unless he gives him a job.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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