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Callum arrested in EastEnders after organising party outside the Prince Albert

But will Ben turn up to the party? And with Zack's help, will Shirley find Tina?

Admitting to Kathy that he's pushing Callum away so that they don't get targeted, men also admits that he was triggered by the injured man he saw in the hospital.

Speaking to Callum, Kathy hopes he will understand where Ben is coming from. Noticing the empty Prince Albert, Kathy explains to Callum that joy has gone since New Year’s and Callum visits Ben to tell him he is organising a party outside the Prince Albert. Asking him to meet him there in an hour if he thinks their marriage has a future, will Ben turn up?

As Shirley muses that Tina might show up at the party, Zack offers to help her look and Jack turns up with another office to shut the party down due to noise complaints. With Callum defiant, the party is far from over and Jack returns and arrests Callum.

Meanwhile, after Eve tells her that she has been in contact with Ash, Suki has a go at her for turning her daughter against her. When their argument gets the attention of the police, they get bundled into a van.

The next day, as everyone cleans up at the Prince Albert a bang goes off and everyone soon learns the bang was a gas explosion at the Argee Bhajee!

After Shirley and Zack return worse for wear, after a night out searching for Tina, Shirley tells Nancy that she can't keep looking for Tina.

And Zack explains to Martin he saw Jada, and he’s determined to bring her back.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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