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Cancer scare for Martine in Hollyoaks

But will Felix be by her side?

Felix faces Martine’s wrath after she overhears him asking Celeste for a favour, which would involve her in the dodgy business deal.

Spotting the passion in Martine's eyes, Celeste believes that she's still in love with Felix.

As Martine prepares to tell Felix how she feels, his girlfriend Grace, interrupts her before she gets a chance. Torn between his feelings for Martine, and his feelings for Grace, will Felix ever find out how Martine really feels?

When Felix ditches Grace's birthday celebrations to see Martine, she tells him the truth and as they passionately kiss, they discover a lump on Martine's chest.

On Thursday, we follow both Martine and Grace as they have their hospital appointments to see if the lumps they both found on their breasts are cancerous.

The day also sees them both have their interviews for the Businesswoman of the Year Award and whilst the day goes off without a hitch for Grace, Martine's day goes very differently, resulting in her being turned away from the hospital by Peri and not getting the opportunity to see the Doctor.

Wanting to be there for Martine, Felix turns up at the hospital but Grace gets the wrong end of the stick and is glad her boyfriend showed up for her.

After hearing about what happened at the hospital yesterday, Celeste gives Peri a piece of her mind.

Shocked, Peri talks it over with Misbah. Realising where she went wrong, Peri goes to find Martine hoping to convince her to go to her rescheduled appointment.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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