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Carla in danger in Corrie after Stephen lets himself into her flat

How much damage will Stephen's visit cause?

As Carla stresses about ending up back in prison as an uninsured driver, Peter promises her that won’t happen. And Sarah’s surprised when a preoccupied Carla agrees to a staff bonus after they bagged the American deal. Meanwhile, Stephen surreptitiously calls Rufus.

When Carla sees Dr Gaddas, she describes how each time she’s suffered an episode, it feels like she’s tripping on drugs and she's prescribed diazepam.

As the Americans arrive, Stephen reminds Carla how it’s imperative that she’s on top form and she can’t believe his nerve! Taking charge, Carla orders him to make the tea and feeling angry at being belittled, Stephen double-doses Carla’s drink.

As the meeting draws to a close, Carla’s behaviour becomes erratic as the LSD kicks in. With the Americans gone, the girls are interrupted by a worse-for-wear Carla as they celebrate the deal, barking at them to get out of her factory. With the girls dumbstruck, Stephen allows himself a satisfied smile.

The next day, feeling better, Carla announces that she's going to work and assures Peter and Stephen that yesterday was a blip. However, as she goes to make a drink, Carla smashes a mug and cuts her finger.

Struggling to cope, Carla concedes that she needs another chat with Dr Gaddas who suggests she takes an extended break and goes back on her antipsychotic drugs.

Having pocketed her keys from the factory, Stephen lets himself into the flat and checking Carla’s asleep, drops her keys back in her bag before heading into the kitchen and turning on the grill.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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