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Carter forces John Paul to face his attacker in Hollyoaks

But can Jackson admit that the attack was homophobic?

Not wanting to let his son down after Matthew-Jesus asks him for a bike, John Paul promotes a deal at The Dog as a way to earn cash. Seeing him, Carter loans him the money he needs.

Later, a call between John Paul and his mum’s new boyfriend, Travis, leaves the desperate dad feeling useless and a failure. Claiming it’ll help him with the day’s setback, Carter invites John Paul to a group session camping trip. And Goldie is concerned about John Paul attending Carter’s group session camping trip.

When Carter refuses to give his daughter driving lessons, Freya turns to John Paul instead, but it gets too much for him when he admits he hasn’t been in a car since the accident. Freya tells John Paul that she forgives him, but the lesson is put to a stop by an angry Carter, leaving the teen to express her hurt towards her dad.

As Carter apologises to John Paul for the way he reacted, the two men make amends and later, John Paul is horrified to discover his attacker, Jackson too is joining the group camping trip.

After refusing to go on the trip with Jackson, John Paul is left feeling down and a failure to his son. When Warren comes across the struggling McQueen, he offers him some words of advice.

Wanting to be a better man, John Paul goes ahead with joining the camping trip and Carter encourages John Paul to take Jackson up on being his partner in a trust activity.

John Paul has his doubts and when Jackson refuses to admit that the attack was due to his sexuality, John Paul walks off and tells Carter he’s leaving.

Calling John Paul, Carter shares his concern over the leaflets Scott was sharing at the Youth Centre, regarding a HIV prevention drug and John Paul tells him it's important to educate children.

When alone we overhear an alarming phone conversation between Carter to Gareth. What could it have been about?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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