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Carter receives a dark ultimatum after being caught on camera kissing John Paul in Hollyoaks

But who saw them? And is Carter really ready to come out?

On New Year's Eve, we saw John Paul discover that Carter and Freya have moved closer to the school and tell him to stop living in denial. And as the village saw in the new year, Carter and John Paul share eye contact through Maxine’s window.

Now on New Year's Day, Maxine and Scott try to get Carter to join in on their tradition of roasting each other over their previous relationships. However, Carter feels uncomfortable and makes an excuse, saying he needs to go over budgets with Sally.

Attending one of Carter’s sessions, John Paul is unable to continue to allow him to practise conversion therapy and calls him out, even though the headteacher continues to threaten him with his job.

As Carter opens up to John Paul on how although he can be his true self around him, he’s worried about what it’ll do to his daughter if she finds out, Freya comes through the door!

When Carter admits to a hurting John Paul that he can see the damage his continuous lying is doing to him, he agrees to stop practising conversion therapy. And outside the school, the two men share a kiss which unbeknown to them, is caught on camera.

As Carter accepts who is, John Paul supports him and tries to encourage him to come clean to Maxine. But Carter soon receives a concerning message leaving him with a dark ultimatum.

When John Paul arrives home early to his surprise party, his mood quickly drops when he ends up being left alone to celebrate.

Later, John Paul is left confused when Carter pushes him away. Seeing Carter looking like he’s struggling, John Paul tells him he understands how difficult it is and that he’s prepared to wait.

Hollyoaks continues on E4 from Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th January with first look episodes on Channel 4 streaming

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