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Carter's behaviour at the staff Christmas party pushes those closest to him away in Hollyoaks

Can he win them back and will he agree to John Paul's ultimatum?

When Diane gets a job as a counsellor at Hollyoaks High, Sally tells her how proud she is of John Paul and just wishes he’d find a man to settle down with.

As Diane celebrates at The Dog, she trues to dig for information on John Paul's feelings towards Scott.

Meanwhile, at Hollyoaks High, we see Carter struggling with back pain and resorting to taking Freya’s old painkillers.

Later, Scott and John Paul are less than enthusiastic to discover they have been set up on a blind date by Diane.

When Carter sees them having fun on their date, he apologises to Maxine for ignoring her after their time together and invites her to the school’s staff Christmas party as his date. But not before he takes more painkillers.

When Mason breaks the news to Freya about her dad’s love life, she's left taken aback and John Paul discovers her crying at school. Upset she doesn’t know her dad very well, John Paul tries to help Freya but only makes things worse.

Worried about Hunter, Sally suggests to Goldie they go and speak to Carter about him returning to work, but their conversation is cut short when they're disturbed by a distressed Freya. And Sally is relieved to see Carter’s back is seemingly better.

When his friends plan drinks the day before his brother’s plea hearing, Hunter is hurt and turns up at The Loft to confront them. Wanting his friends' support, he breaks down admitting he’s concerned about his family and wants his brother back.

As the Hollyoaks High Christmas party gets underway, the staff let loose whilst Carter takes more painkillers. When John Paul tells Carter he’s worried about him, he responds by admitting that although he’s trying to fight his demons, sometimes he wants them to win.

Already convinced someone is out to get him, Carter is horrified to discover his office has been trashed and Beau delivers the Secret Santa gifts to all the staff, hinting he was tasked with buying for Carter.

The following day, Carter wakes up at the McQueens where John Paul tells him he found his pills and covered for him at the party, putting off anyone from calling the police.

With Sally being in the house, and Carter unable to leave John Paul’s room while she’s there, John Paul offers him some advice and support and he agrees to meet him later.

When Carter tries to speak to Freya, she pleads with her dad to sort himself out and in The Dog, Carter apologises to Maxine and opens up about struggling, hoping she’ll be a shoulder to lean on. And she agrees. 

After seeing them kiss in the village, John Paul confronts Carter about his and Maxine’s relationship and when the headteacher continues things with Maxine, John Paul gives him an ultimatum.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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