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Cassie finds herself in danger after breaking into Terry's house in Corrie

Will Cassie manage to rescue the puppies and get away from Terry?

At the garage, Cassie offers Kevin her heartfelt thanks for giving her a second chance and citing her forgiveness of Cassie, Kevin praises Abi’s ability to do right by others, regardless of her own feelings.

Conflicted, Abi makes out she’s been called on a breakdown and hurries off as Cassie watches with interest. Meeting with Dean, Abi buys some benzos, unaware of someone photographing the exchange.

Meanwhile, Evelyn scours the internet for evidence of Terry running a puppy farm and after spotting Terry exiting the pound shop with a tray of puppy food, decides to follow him. But when Terry catches her tailing him, he threatens Evelyn with violence.

When Evelyn and Cassie show Roy a puppy for sale online, reckoning Terry’s the unseen person holding it in the photo, Roy calls to inquire and gets through to a woman called Joan who gives Roy her address in the precinct.

Pretending she's bought a large delivery of dog food, Cassie calls on Joan who send her away after Cassie divulges Terry’s address. Deciding to visit Terry, Cassie climbs in through the downstairs window of a house into a room full of crates of puppies and a bag of cash nearby.

As Terry enters with a baseball bat, he’s distracted by a noise outside and Cassie stuffs the cash into her pockets. But as Cassie gathers up the puppies to make her escape, Terry enters the room and surveys the open cages. Will Cassie manage to rescue the puppies and get away from Terry?

Later, Craig calls at the cafe with news that Terry’s been seriously assaulted after Evelyn was seen arguing with him outside his house. And a guilty Cassie watches as Evelyn gets into Craig’s police car.

The following day, calling at the cafe again, Craig assures Evelyn that she’s no longer under suspicion and Cassie hides her unease as Craig informs them that they’re still looking for Terry’s attacker. And it's the same person who stole a large amount of cash.

At No.9, Hope catches Cassie with a bag full of cash who offers her a slice of the money if in return she keeps her gob shut. Will Hope keep Cassie’s secret? 

Coronation Street continues Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 12th January at 8pm on ITV1


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