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Cassie lets Abi take the blame for the scratched Porsche in Corrie

But will Cassie come clean when Kevin offers her a promotion?

When Kevin confirms to Abi that the scratched Porsche is booked in at the body shop next week, Cassie forms a plan.

When the Porsche's owner arrives to collect his car, Cassie makes out she rang him by mistake and he’s unimpressed to spot the damage to the paintwork and threatens to sue.

Both Kevin and Abi are horrified as Cassie promises it will be as good as new by tomorrow. And Cassie is left feeling pleased when a stressed Kevin blames Abi for the scratched car fiasco.

When Roy tells Cassie he cannot let Abi take the blame for damaging the car, she reluctantly agrees to come clean. But as she prepares to confess to Kevin, the words die in her mouth when he offers her a permanent position at the garage.

When the Porsche’s owner collects his car from the garage, he refuses to pay his bill and Kevin takes out his anger on Abi, blaming her again for the scratch. Will Cassie come clean?  

Coronation Street continues New Year's Eve to 5th January on ITV1


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