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Cassie overdoses after Abi catches her trying to steal to pay off drug dealer in Corrie

But as Cassie opens up about her past, can she be trusted?

As Cassie arrives at the garage for her first day at work, Tyrone thanks Kevin for giving her a chance. But as Cassie sweeps the forecourt, Dean approaches demanding drug money.

Promising to pay him by the end of the day, Cassie hisses at him to go. Recognising Dean from her own druggie days, Abi wonders what’s going on.

Abi is suspicious when Cassie refuses to go for lunch, making out she’s waiting for a customer. Nipping back, Abi finds Cassie helping herself to the petty cash. As Tyrone and Evelyn appear, Cassie begs Abi not to say anything. Will Abi agree?

With Tyrone struggling to get Ruby’s new boots in time for her party, Cassie offers to pop into town and pick them up and Tyrone reluctantly hands her £80, while Evelyn’s incredulous. After meeting Dean on a street corner, Cassie pops several of the pills he’s just sold her.

As Jack and Ruby’s party starts, Tyrone glances at the door, desperate for Cassie to show up and prove Evelyn wrong. But when Michael lets slip how he saw a bloke roughing up Cassie last week, Abi’s forced to confirm that Dean’s a drug dealer that Cassie owed money to and she caught her trying to steal the petty cash.

Tyrone is horrified and as they scour the streets in search of Cassie, Hope yells that she’s found her, slumped on the pavement. Clearly having overdosed, they call an ambulance. Will Cassie pull through?

Later on in the week, Abi suggests to Cassie she should join her at the support group as it’s the only way she’ll ever get clean. And when Cassie asks him to go with her, Tyrone finds it difficult to refuse.

At the support group, Cassie lies to the group, telling them how her Mum kicked her out and she turned to prostitution and ended up on drugs. Listening, Tyrone's heart breaks and an angry Tyrone asserts that he’s disgusted with Evelyn for turning her back on her own daughter and intends to have it out with her.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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