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Cassie shows her caring side by offering to look after Ken to save Steve money in Corrie

Could there be a spark between her and Steve?


In the Rovers, Cassie listens with interest as Steve, Amy and Daniel discuss care package options for Ken and wonder how on earth they’re going to fund them.

When Cassie offers to be Ken’s carer for a quarter the price of a professional, Daniel and Amy reckon it’s a good idea and Cassie is thrilled when Steve reluctantly agrees.

Making out to Ken that Cassie’s a qualified carer, Steve tells him that they hired her through an agency.

As Cassie starts work at No.1, Ken’s quietly furious when she reveals that she’s had no training and only stepped in to help out and save the family a bit of cash. Can Cassie persuade Ken to let her do the job?

Setting Ken straight, Cassie explains that she was honest with Steve from the off and never pretended to have any qualifications. Will she win him round?

When Cassie arrives for work at No.1, Steve relishes informing her that her first task is to cut Ken’s toenails. As Cassie swallows her disgust, Ken enjoys her company and suggests they go out for a spot of lunch.

Amused at how much Cassie gets under her dad’s skin, Amy suggests to Steve that there’s a spark between him and Cassie, but in denial about his attraction to her.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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