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Cast announced for new Disney+ psychological thriller Playdate

The five-part UK drama has been adapted by Catherine Moulton from Alex Dahl's bestselling novel.

Announced back in June, Playdate follows what happens when Elisa’s world is turned upside down after her young daughter Lucia is kidnapped at a sleepover. Who is the mystery woman who took Lucia, and what secrets does she know about Elisa?

Today at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Disney+ has announced that production commenced this summer in the UK and France with Denise Gough. Holliday Grainger, Ambika Mod, Jim Sturgess, Bronagh Waugh and Michael Workeye.

When her 9-year-old daughter Lucia excitedly asks to go on an overnight playdate with her new best friend Josie, Elisa agrees. After meeting Josie’s mother, Rebecca, she’s put at ease by her charming nature and their impressive house. But when she says goodnight to her daughter, she has no idea that she is about to be thrust into every parent’s worst nightmare.

The next day, when Elisa goes to pick up Lucia, she discovers that the beautiful house was a holiday rental. Lucia is missing. Rebecca and Josie have vanished. What started out as her daughter’s first sleepover has turned into an abduction.

As an urgent manhunt unfolds across Europe, Elisa and her husband Fred find themselves the object of police and public scrutiny. Elisa’s perfect family begins to unravel under the pressure, and long-buried secrets come to light.

Rebecca took Lucia for a reason. And as viewers learn more about the tangled lives of these women we will wonder if Rebecca was justified in kidnapping the little girl – and whether she might be better off staying hidden.

Produced by Quay Street Productions, Playdate will be executive produced by Nicola Shindler for Quay Street Productions, Tanya Seghatchian and John Woodward for Brightstar, Johanna Devereaux, VP of Scripted Content for Disney+ EMEA, Alex Dahl, Eva Husson and Catherine Moulton. And it will be produced by James Dean alongside Eva Husson who will direct all episodes.

Playdate will air on Disney+


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