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Catherine Tate has written a film for Nan

Catherine Tate is ready to put The Catherine Tate Show to bed but can see a future for one of the show's most popular characters, Nan, on the big screen.

The Catherine Tate Show originally ran for three series and two Christmas specials on BBC Two and then BBC One from 2004 to 2007 before returning in 2009 with four Nan specials until 2015.

Catherine Tate has recently finished a very successful West End run of The Catherine Tate and admits on this week's David Tennant Does A Podcast With that she can "now put the show to bed."

When asked whether or not the series will ever return to our TV screens, Catherine says "Never say never" but does reveal that she hopes one character will make the transition to the big screen.

“I’ve written a Nan film, which is great fun!" she tells David "I do think that's probably the one that, as we say in the business, that's got the legs to carry on. It's probably the most popular character."

Foul-mouthed pensioner Joannie Taylor, or Nan as she's affectionately known, has been entertaining audiences since 2004 with her classic catchphrase "What a fucking liberty!".

Often be visited in her flat by grandson Jamie, played by Mathew Horne, she wasn't one to filter her opinions, not thinking twice about offending those she came into contact with including neighbours, visitors, friends and even her own family!

No further details have been revealed yet about the film.

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