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Cathy, Angelica and Heath take a joy ride in Wendy's car in Emmerdale

But will it end in misery?

As the adults are occupied at the B&B party Cathy, Angelica and Heath take a joy ride in Wendy’s car. At the party when Nicola wants the kids to help serve, an obedient Jimmy is sent to find them.

Meanwhile in the car, as Angelica and Heath flirt, they encourage Cathy to speed up. But when Jimmy still hasn’t tracked them down,  Bob is alarmed that Wendy's car is missing. 

Before long, Bob has extracted the truth from April about the kids taking the car and rushes to follow them to Hotten.

Meanwhile, Nicola is frustrated to be pulled away from the Chairman, and to hear from Brenda the kids have gone joyriding. 

As Heath’s impatience at Cathy’s driving speed builds, a near miss with another car doesn’t affect Cathy’s resoluteness as she puts her foot down.

Emmerdale continues New Year's Day to Friday 5th January on ITV1


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