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Cathy opens up to Bernice in Emmerdale after violent outburst in the cafe

Will she finally get the help she needs?

In the cafe, Bernice tries to help Cathy with her revision and Brenda is furious when Bernice leaves the cafe upset, offended by Cathy’s hurtful comments about menopause.

At the end of his tether, Bob confronts Cathy, but when Heath butts in, Cathy loses it and violently smashes his guitar on the floor and heads off, confused and embarrassed.

The next day, Bob and Brenda are shocked when they receive a call from Cathy’s school to explain that she’s run out of her mock exam!

When Bernice clocks Cathy hurrying towards Connelton, she's torn whether to tell Bob and sensing there's more to this, and inside catches her washing her skirt in the sink.

Opening up a little, an overwhelmed Cathy feels ashamed of her heavy periods and explains this is the reason why she missed her exam. A pensive Cathy is soon relieved and grateful for Bernice’s support and promises to talk with Manpreet about ways to help manage her symptoms.

Wishing she could tell Bob how she’s feeling, instead, a shamed Cathy lies to get him off her case.

The next day, Cathy is honest with Manpreet about her heavy periods and relieved to have got the help she needs as Manpreet writes her a prescription for the pill. And when Bob informs Cathy that she can re-sit her mock exam, she's relieved to finally put an end to her nightmare and swallows her first pill.

Meanwhile, Mandy suggests Bob and Bernice should buy the B&B together but is left worried she’s created a monster as Bob and Bernice agree to go into business together!

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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