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Cathy runs away after coming clean to April in Emmerdale about being her online troll

And Rhona knocks Brenda to the floor.

As Cathy tries to comfort a distraught April, she gets bombarded with more bullying messages and April tells Cathy to stay away before she becomes a target too and hurries off in tears, leaving Cathy utterly guilt-stricken.

The next day, Cathy and Heath feel terrible knowing April has skipped school and Cathy realises she needs to come clean to her.

Breaking down, Cathy reveals to a shocked April that she started the online trolling. Incredulous at Cathy’s confession, April heads off, irate, leaving Cathy terrified of the consequences to come.

The next day, April comes clean to Rhona and admits she’s being bullied again and now knows who it is.

Meanwhile, Heath rushes in to tell Bob and Brenda that Cathy’s gone missing overnight. Panicking Bob starts to search for Cathy but when Rhona finds her, she insists she’s telling Brenda, Bob and the school about her bullying April.

As Rhona grabs Cathy to stop her from running away again, Brenda steps in and Rhona elbows her, catching her in the face. When Brenda goes to grab Rhona again, she shoves her and Brenda falls roughly to the floor.

After the incident, everyone's shocked and the next day Bob is emotional at having to finally face his failings as a father. As he tries to talk to Marlon, tensions run high and their family rift seems unrepairable.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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