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CAUGHT OUT? Sarah makes shock discovery about Stephen in Corrie

What does this and Audrey's big announcement mean for Stephen?

Over afternoon tea, Audrey’s attention is drawn to the arrival of Claudia and Charles in the hotel dining room. As Claudia rows with Charles, she’s amazed when Ken, Audrey and Rita pop out from where they’ve been eavesdropping.

As they comfort Claudia, Rita remembers it was Audrey’s birthday recently and Audrey confides in Roy, Rita, Claudia and Ken that the overdose was in fact a suicide attempt.

The group of friends have gathered for a belated birthday lunch at a local hotel and are stunned when Audrey tells them that she tried to make an attempt on her life three weeks ago, but a neighbour posting a leaflet spotted her and called an ambulance.

As the pals try to come to terms with the shock revelation they ask her what led to the suicide attempt, confessing their guilt at not spotting the signs that their friend was struggling.

Audrey admits that she had kept her feelings hidden and has not even told her family about what happened. As the group discusses the problems that growing older can bring she explains that she misses her late husband Alfie and that she had been feeling useless and depressed, turning to drink after suffering with her eyesight deteriorating.

Calling at No.8, Audrey announces her plans to give the salon a complete makeover with no expense spared.

Later when Stephen tells Ken and Rita about Audrey’s plans to reopen the salon, he realises that they know more than they’re letting on.

As Stephen grills Audrey, she lies to him, making out that she had a minor health scare and he suggests that now would be a good time for her to sign the trust fund paperwork. But when Audrey insists she's not in any rush, how will Stephen react?

Elsewhere, when Michael points out that the Underworld website needs updating, Sarah asserts she’ll give Lorenzo, his web designer a call, but Stephen offers to do the work himself with Max’s help.

Revealing that she called Lorenzo after all, Sarah tells Stephen that the's still owed six months' wages. Lying to Sarah, Stephen makes out that he withheld Lorenzo’s wages as he caught him embezzling money from the company.

And when Stephen and Max show Sarah the rough cut of their website work, she's impressed.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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