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Channel 4 Announces Brand New Comedy Home

Comedy BLAP Home, written by and starring Rufus Jones is returning to Channel 4 as a full six-part series.

When new couple Peter, played by Rufus Jones and Katy and Katy’s son John, go on their first family holiday to France, the plan is to bring back a tan, a few happy memories and six crates of vintage champagne.

What they actually bring back is going to come as a big surprise…

Home follows the experience of Sami, a Syrian refugee who enters Britain illegally to claim asylum. Living in with Peter, Katy and John, Sami and his adoptive family discover and come to terms with what a home really means.

The plight of Syrian refugees has been recorded and explored many times by documentary-makers, but in Home Rufus Jones has penned a warm, touching and deftly surprising modern sitcom which gets to the very essence of home and family.

Speaking about the series, Rufus Jones says “I'm made up that Channel 4 have allowed me to tell this story, alongside a very special cast and crew.

It has become something of a passion project. If you're only going to invite one refugee into your house this year, make it this one. Actually, make it a real one, then this one. Thanks.”

Head of Comedy at Channel 4, Fiona McDermott says “Home got us with it’s heart and conviction to tell an important story about family, strangers, identity and the fragile ties that both bind us and pull us apart. It’s full of warmth, boldness and characters we hope viewers will really take to their hearts. We’re delighted to have it on Channel 4.”

Home will air on Channel 4

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