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Charity begs Chas to move back into the pub in Emmerdale

But will she?

After paying Sam and Lydia a visit, Charity is encouraged to make amends with Chas before she comes to regret it.

And following Marlon's stroke, Vanessa reassures Charity that he is bound to recover, using her own cancer survival story as a reference.

Delivering Chas some tough love, Lydia challenges her to be the bigger person in her feud with Charity. Heeding Lydia’s words, Chas joins her family in the Woolpack and Chas and Charity settle back into their old rhythm behind the bar.

However, without Marlon, life at The Woolpack struggles to continue and a heart-to-heart results in Charity begging Chas to move back into the pub. But will she?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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