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Charity is arrested in Emmerdale after physical fight with Amy

And when Amy leaves Chloe with nowhere to live, will Nate uncover Mack's secret?

As the day of baby Esther's Christening arrives, Amelia is touched by Noah’s support and Lydia is disappointed when Samson refuses to accompany her.

After a confrontational Chloe and Amy argue in front of Charity, they rub her up the wrong way and she's less than impressed to see them at the Christening, having been invited by Chas.

As Charles begins Esther’s christening at the church, Charity’s feud with Amy threatens to put the service in jeopardy and the Christening is derailed when Charity and Amy can’t refrain from arguing.

As things get physical, PC Swirling witnesses the debacle and after receiving statements from Amy and Charity, he places Charity under arrest.

The next day, Amy is conflicted about how things escalated as she nurses a bruised wrist from her run-in with Charity and Chloe.

Having been released from prison pending further investigation, Charity puts on a strong front to Mackenzie who attempts to coerce Chloe into changing her statement.

Worried that Charity could go to prison, Chloe attempts to get Amy to see reason in regard to her false police statement.

But when Amy suggests she moves out once again, Chloe knows she now has nowhere to live over Christmas and Nate becomes increasingly suspicious on seeing Mackenzie’s reaction when Chloe leaves.

Will Nate put two and two together and figure out Mackenzie is the father of Chloe’s baby?

Before long, Chloe lies to Amy that she's got a place to stay and the next day, Amy feels bad for kicking out Chloe.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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