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Charity's actions push Noah further away in Emmerdale

But has she gone too far this time?

Attempting to make some headway with her son, Charity offers to go for a run with him. But as she gasps for air after their first race, Noah’s amused by her determination as she insists she’ll win next time, and they set off again. This time she does in fact beat Noah, leaving her feeling jubilant, until she sees he’s bent double in pain.

Worried, Charity calls Meena over to check him out but Noah’s annoyed when she mentions his medical condition. Feeling down, Noah is convinced he's going to fail the army medical.

After Samson tells Noah that he'd help him if he could, he feels uneasy when Noah passes him an empty water bottle and asks him to give a urine sample so that he can pretend it’s his and pass the medical.

As Samson gives Noah the urine sample, Charity spots his unease and is suspicious. As he later confesses, Charity calls the assessment centre. Will she scupper Noah’s chances?

Realising about her interference, Noah lays into her for her selfishness, telling her that his life would have been better if she’d sold him forever. Goaded, Charity slaps him!

As Kim threatens to go to the police unless she gets her money back by tonight, Al panics. Noticing how Chas and Debbie are at odds with Charity, he comes up with a plan. Joining Charity as she's getting drunk, he soon manipulates her to admit the details of Debbie's revenge on him.

Full of self loathing, she suggests they go upstairs and Al decides to go along with it, determined to make Debbie pay.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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