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Charity's concern for Belle grows as she refuses to open up about Tom in Emmerdale

Will Tom's plan to whisk Belle away to Wales work?


Charity, Chas, Mandy and Lydia question Belle on her relationship with Tom and when Charity pushes he to tell her what’s really going on, Belle is angered by their incessant questioning and storms out.

Outside the Woolpack, Charity finds Belle, upset, and once more asks her to open up. As Belle tears up, she spots Tom coming and shoves Charity, fleeing home in a panic.

Shutting down Charity’s pursuit of Belle, Tom insists that his wife is struggling with her mental health. As the other women worry that Charity overreacted, she frustratedly leaves the room, afraid she’s missed her chance to convince them that something’s wrong.

Back home, Tom’s face turns cold and he makes a phone call to confirm he wants to interview for a job in Wales.

The next day, Charity tries to make good with Belle, but she’s unimpressed.

Meanwhile in an online interview, Tom is reminded that the job he’s applying for is in a very remote part of Wales and suggests to the interviewer that Belle would be delighted to move there.

When Belle returns, Tom offers to take her on holiday, keen to take her to a remote cottage. As she warms to the idea, he’s secretly pleased his plan is taking shape.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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