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Charity turns on the charm with Liam in Emmerdale following Chloe and Mack's engagement

But will Charity tell Chloe the truth about her fling with Mack?

Having heard Mack's engagement news, Charity turns on the charm with flustered Liam demanding he take her out that evening.

Bob’s frosty as he serves Charity and Liam on their date at the B&B, but when Chloe and Mack arrive and are seated on the table next to them. Jealousy soon rises and Charity’s façade breaks as she lashes out at Liam.

The next day, despite her best efforts to avoid Chloe, Charity is dragged into a conversation in the playground, before a cry from Reuben and a hot temperature makes paranoid Chloe worry for her son.

Soon, recalling his meningitis, and with no one else to ask, panicking, Chloe begs a reluctant Charity to take her and unwell Reuben to the hospital.

Once there, a guilty and awkward Charity does her best to comfort a thankful Chloe and after Reuben is given the all clear, an overwhelmed Chloe is glad to be clearing the air with a guilty Charity.

Will Charity take this opportunity to tell her the truth about her fling with Mack?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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