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Charles' guilt turns to anger as he lashes out at Tom in Emmerdale

Can Manpreet get through to Charles and get him to tell the truth?

As Manpreet and Ethan both take the day off to help reluctant Claudette with funeral planning, Manpreet does her best to encourage Claudette, and there is a moment of genuine affection between them as they agree to push through to the funeral.

The next day, as Manpreet struggles with the weight of the secret, she leaves Charles a voicemail, begging him to return to the village.

Unable to run any longer, Charles arrives home and after some attempts to build up to the truth, Claudette sings Charles’ virtues, meaning he can’t bring himself to tell her and instead guiltily slinks out.

In the Woolpack, Tom is troubled to see Charles drinking so liberally and watches as a black cloud descends over him.

After trying to sympathise with Charles, Tom only riles him up more and when Charles lashes out, Tom retorts before finding himself pinned to the bar by Charles, to the shock of all onlookers!

After threats and placations all around, the arrival of Charles’ family finally snaps him out of his rage to release Tom and his family are concerned as Charles flees.

Catching up to him, Manpreet begs Charles to tell the truth. But will she be able to get through to him?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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