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Charles helps Nicola in her search for Jimmy in Emmerdale

How will Charles react when she suffers a panic attack?

Despite still being at war, Nicola begrudgingly accepts Charles’ offer of a lift to the reception after the wedding ceremony.

As they stop and survey the abandoned minibus, Nicola and Charles worry as to where its wedding party passengers have gone. When Nicola heads off into the storm to find Jimmy, Charles is left with no choice but to follow her.

Searching in the storm for the wedding party, both Charles and Nicola spot a derelict shelter and head towards it. United in their fear for Charles, Naomi and Ethan are anxious as they search for their missing father and realise their venture into the storm is a bad idea.

Back out in the storm, when a tree crashes to the ground, Charles pushes Nicola to safety but her hostility remains. And Charles is concerned when Nicola starts to have a panic attack.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm with an extra hour-long anniversary episode on Sunday 16th October on ITV


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