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Chas confides in Lydia after being given her breast cancer diagnosis in Emmerdale

How will Liam feel, no longer being her sole confidant?

After receiving a call confirming her hospital appointment for that afternoon, Chas confides in Liam and he's thrilled when she asks him to accompany her.

At her appointment, Chas learns she has triple negative cancer and back home vents to Liam about her diagnosis. Although she does her best to be brave, it’s clear she’s struggling and makes Liam leave her alone as she fights to retain her composure. Once he has gone, Chas finally allows herself to break down and cry.

The next day, when Paddy drops Eve off, he can see something's wrong with Chas, but she covers.

Things are awkward between Liam and Chas when Mandy pressurises them into a double date in the Woolpack.

Later, Lydia also realises there's something wrong and Chas finally opens up to Lydia whilst Liam overhears from the Woolpack corridor. Although relieved to hear her talking, it’s bittersweet as he realises that he’s no longer her sole confidant.

The next day, Chas scrolls through her phone, looking for information concerning her cancer diagnosis. 

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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