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Chas struggles on the anniversary of Grace's death in Emmerdale

Will she regret inviting Harry ('Simon') back to hers?

On the anniversary of Grace’s death, Chas struggles and is frustrated when her daughter insists on going to the swings instead of visiting Grace’s grave.

As Paddy reflects on how life has moved on at the graveyard, Chas is quietly in torment, feeling stuck in the past. When she offers him a drink, Paddy rejects her offer and goes for lunch with Mandy instead, leaving Chas feeling completely alone.

Later that day, Harry introduces himself to Chas as ‘Simon’, and buys her drink. As they easily settle into each other’s company, his intentions remain unclear. And as they bond over their late children, Chas admits bringing ‘Simon’ home was a mistake and he kindly agrees to sleep on the sofa.

As Chas heads upstairs, Harry searches the backroom, looking coldly at a photo of her and Caleb.

The following morning, ‘Simon’ heads out of the Woolpack, but not before he’s caught by unimpressed Paddy. And Chas is unwilling to talk about Simon.

Later, rebuffed by Chas’ earlier defiance, Paddy tells Chas that Eve wants to live with him from now on. But Chas puts her foot in it with a comment about Mandy’s motherhood and is forced to leave Eve in Tenants with worried Paddy.

Outside the house, with tears streaming down her face, Chas calls ‘Simon’.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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