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CHEATING KIT plays a dangerous game in Emmerdale

How will Laurel react when she finds him kissing Gabby?

Just as Gabby is about to give up on online dating, a good-looking "Chris" pops up and her mystery date turns out to be a familiar face, Kit!

The next morning, Gabby is flustered when Laurel arrives at Home Farm and with Kit upstairs, manages to rush her out just before he comes downstairs.

Later that day, Kit is utterly remorseless as he easily juggles his relationships with Laurel and Gabby. What will happen when Laurel suggests to Gabby a double date to Gabby with their new beaus?!

At the Shop and caught in his lie, Kit paints on a smile masking his relief when he convinces Laurel that he’s cooking a meal for them and a little later, Kit slyly sends an apologetic message to Gabby for his tardiness.

When Laurel makes a seductive pass at him, Kit weighs up his options when she suggests that he stay. And when a message from Kit comes through, Gabby's face lights up and she responds hastily.

Over at Home Farm, and bursting from his second dinner, Kit and Gabby engage in conversation.

As Gabby leads Kit upstairs, she begins to kiss him passionately just as Laurel arrives. How will Laurel react when she sees them together?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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