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Chelsea desperately tries to save her own skin as Krista suffers a devastating loss in Neighbours

Could this bring Leo and Paul closer together?


When Lucy asks her to lead the Lie-In presentation to the Lassiters global group, Krista's confidence grows and when Chelsea argues that as Acting Manager she should deliver the presentation, she's affronted when Paul backs Krista.

Genuinely appreciating Krista, Paul suggests to Chelsea it may be time to step back and when Krista once again finds herself on the receiving end of praise from Paul, she's given more senior responsibility, including dismissing unreliable staff member Penny, much to Chelsea's dismay.

When Chelsea ponders if Paul’s benevolent behaviour is for Leo’s benefit, Leo firmly assures her it’s because she’s earnt his admiration and respect.

As Paul's approval of Krista continues to ruffle Chelsea’s feathers, she decides to interfere with Krista’s performance, corrupting an important file for an upcoming zoom presentation about the Lassiters Lie-in.

When she sees the file is corrupt, Krista panics, ruing she has no backup, but it’s Haz to the rescue as he shows off some previously unseen skills as a tech wiz, saving Krista’s file and unwittingly thwarting Chelsea’s plan.

Desperate, Chelsea ups her game, convincing Krista to tend to a maintenance issue with the sauna and when Krista fails to show in time for the pre-planned zoom presentation, Chelsea slips in to save the day .

In the sauna, Krista finds herself in dire straits as the door to the room becomes locked and the sauna door is also jammed open, allowing the heat into the room. Soon, she's overcome by the intense heat and humidity and collapses!

While Chelsea celebrates her successful video presentation about Lassisters Lie-In to Lassisters worldwide, Paul finds Krista unconscious in the Sauna room and calls an ambulance.

At the hospital, when Paul is unable to contact Leo, Krista finds him to be a surprising source of steadfast support. Unaware that Chelsea has hardened herself against her guilt, keeping Paul and her ultimate goal, in sight.

As Paul pledges to get to the bottom of why Krista was trapped in the sauna room at Lassiters, panic rises for Chelsea. Desperate to save her own skin and deflect attention, Chelsea nominates an unsuspecting fall guy to hopefully take the rap for what’s happened.

When Leo discovers that Paul stayed with Krista in the hospital, Leo is astounded and Paul makes a heartfelt admission to him, sincerely regretting that he never gave Krista a proper chance. If he had, then perhaps David would be still alive.

Wishing Paul could try to resist his demons more often and instead be the man who was there for Krista at the hospital, Leo sees his father's genuine remorse and pain as Paul insists he's trying his best.

As Leo offers Paul forgiveness, it’s a new start for the father and son.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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