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Chelsea flirts with Jack after Denise tells him everything in EastEnders

But will he play along?

Jack is reluctant when Denise tells him she wants to talk, and just wants to know what’s going on. And Chelsea makes it clear to Denise that she doesn’t like him sniffing around.

When Lucas later questions Denise about her relationship with Jack, he wonders why she hasn’t told him what’s going on. Seeing the light, Denise agrees and hopes Jack can help them get out of this mess. Only Lucas isn't so sure.

Opening up to Jack, Denise makes him promise that he'll keep what she says to himself. But once he learns they are involved with organised crime, he tells Denise she has to go to the police, not sure he can keep this to himself.

When Chelsea finds out that Denise has told Jack everything, she's horrified and is desperate to find Jack before he reports them! Finding him on the way to the station, Chelsea manages to convince Jack to go to Ruby's with her so that she can explain.

Once she’s told the sorry story, she starts reminiscing about when they were together and cheekily suggests they go back to his house. Will Jack play along?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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