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Chelsea is warned off Gray in EastEnders

But will she listen?

As she lives it up at Gray's, Chelsea knocks over a plate that was a gift from Mia to Chantelle. When Gray and the kids return home, she pretends she's been going over her case.

Following her hearing, Chelsea has to wear an ankle tag while she’s on bail, but she's still eager to go to Gray’s work drinks.

Later, at Gray’s work function, Chelsea suggests they make the most of the free drinks. When Gray gets drunk, he embarrasses himself in front of his boss Laura, who warns Chelsea about Gray. Telling her she should run while she can.

The next day, a very hungover Gray has overslept and missed a meeting. On the phone, Laura tells Gray that she's not happy with his performance and he takes matters into his own hands.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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