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Cher gaslights Mercedes amidst baby drama in Hollyoaks

Could Romeo be the father?

Following a shocking event last week, the McQueen family find themselves in a crisis.

As the McQueens turn on Cher after discovering she's been posting their private family affairs on social media, Cher is sad. And with Mercedes sick of the trolling, she writes a comment on one of her posts, trying to get them to stop, but it only makes it worse.

Distraught over the hateful comments she’s receiving online, Cher is furious at Mercedes for getting involved. But as her friends do their best to get her mind off it, it seems she has bigger fish to fry as later, Cher is left scrambling for words after her recent social media posts get her in trouble.

Elsewhere, Mercedes confides in Goldie about feeling pregnancy signs and decides to get a test. Later, Romeo is floored when Goldie lets him in on the secret.

Having received some bad news, Mercedes finds solace in Gabriel’s memory box. But when she tries to use her loss to appeal to Cher, her step-daughter steals the box of memories of Mercedes’ stillborn son. Later, it appears that Cher is gas-lighting Mercedes.

In the Salon de The, Marnie thinks she has the Businesswoman of the Year competition in the bag, as does Cindy. As Cher’s gas-lighting of her step-mum continues, Mercedes becomes distracted from the competition.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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