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Cher makes dangerous mistake in Hollyoaks after Romeo tells her he doesn't love her

Will Donna-Marie continue to keep quiet about Mercedes and Romeo's affair?

Not liking watching her dad scramble for money for his fertility treatment, a reformed Cher transfers him her own savings. But Sylver refuses to accept it and instead makes a deal with dodgy businessman Fergus.

Later, when Cher admits to her boyfriend Romeo that her savings were for their future together, he starts to feel guilty about what he’s hiding from her and tells Mercedes that Cher deserves to know the truth.

As Mercedes and Sylver continue to lie to each other, Sylver keeps his deal with Fergus a secret and Mercedes manages to convince Romeo to continue keeping their one-night stand a secret too.

However, Donna-Marie isn’t done with Mercedes yet and reveals that she filmed her talking to Romeo about the affair and demands another £2,000.

As Donna-Marie plans a holiday for her and her kids with the £2,000 she’s expecting from Mercedes, Sylver unintentionally gives Donna Marie some information which makes her up her price.

Later, Mercedes gives Donna-Marie an ultimatum and even plans to spike her drink. But will she go through with it?

After a shocking turn of events, Mercedes deals with the repercussions of her recent actions and Romeo opens up to Cher, admitting that he doesn’t love her. But when she lets him in on a secret about his mum, Romeo, having had enough of Donna-Marie, decides this is the final straw.

Later, a hurt Cher takes dangerous advice from her online friend, ‘Jade’ and is horrified to discover she has made a mistake and accidentally poisoned the wrong person and has to face the repercussions.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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