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Cher sabotages Sylver's relationship in Hollyoaks by putting Mercedes in danger

But will her plan work?

Wanting to win ‘Dee Valley Businesswoman of the Year’, Mercedes is angry about some bad online reviews about The Dog and confides in Goldie about feeling like a failure because she's not pregnant.

When her birthday arrives, Cher is annoyed that Sylver invites Mercedes out for dinner with them. And after Mercedes speaks to Diane, she gets drunk and Sylver ditches Cher’s birthday meal to look after his wife - worried that she's hiding something from him. His actions leave his daughter fuming.

After confronting Ollie about stealing tips from The Dog, Mercedes tells him about her own dependency after he opens up about his addiction. She admits that she’ll always be tempted by drugs. Speaking of which... back at The Dog, Sylver finds drugs in her handbag.

When Sylver plans another birthday meal for Cher, tensions are high between Mercedes and her step daughter. However, after Cher’s birthday meal, everyone is in good spirits - including Sylver and Romeo who decide to have a topless man-off.

Cher is left boiling with jealousy when she spots Mercedes taking photos of them flexing their muscles and what she does next puts Mercedes in danger. And the next day, Cher doesn’t rest trying to make Mercedes suffer.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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