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Cher unknowingly pushes Romeo into the arms of an older woman in Hollyoaks

When Grace tries to kiss him? Will he let her?

When Grace sees Felix with Martine when he's meant to be on a date with her, she's left heartbroken but a troubling discovery means that she might need him more than ever.

With things still tense between Cher and Mercedes, Mercedes and Sylver are furious when the pub credit card goes missing and Romeo lets slip that Cher has it! Taking her anger at being caught out on Romeo, Cher blames him for Lily's death.

When she tries to apologise, Romeo can see that Cher is being insincere, whilst Mercedes thinks the best way for Cher to win Romeo back is through seduction.

After taking her advice, Cher wants the floor to swallow her up when it’s Marnie who gets an eye-full of her sexy surprise instead of Romeo.

When Romeo finds Grace upset after her argument with Martine, he tries to cheer her up by talking about the benefits of dating older women. But getting the wrong end of the stick, Grace tries to kiss him - until he reveals he likes someone else. Finding out that Grace tried to kiss Romeo, Felix is furious.

Meanwhile, Cher tries a more heartfelt approach to make up with her boyfriend, but Romeo is developing feelings for someone else.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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