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Cindy is shocked by discovery amongst Sue's belongings in Hollyoaks

Can she keep it a secret from Luke?

When Cindy gets an anonymous text asking to meet, she's surprised to find out it's Ollie, who has returned asking for more money but doesn't want his dad, Luke, to know. But when Cindy tells him about Sue's death, he has a change of heart.

Meanwhile, Luke is moving at one-hundred miles an hour as he makes plans to marry Cindy as soon as possible, and his sister, Zara is heartbroken as she finds out about Luke’s illness.

Later, Cindy finds a letter in Sue’s belongings, showing that she had been writing to a man in prison, and they are shocked to discover his identity.

Given the identity of the person, Cindy convinces Zara that burning the letters without telling Luke is the right thing to do, knowing it would hurt him. However, after missing some visiting orders amongst Sue’s things, they are forced to do what they can to pretend that Luke is confused.

But as Luke continues his pursuit, he searches for the person that Sue was visiting in prison.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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