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Cleo faces her childhood abuser in Hollyoaks as Pete Buchanan returns to the village

But can Cleo and Toby's relationship survive?

On Wednesday (7th April), during a special Don't Filter Feelings episode, some of the Hollyoaks residents reveal their most vulnerable sides as they are forced to confront their past including Cleo who faces her childhood abuser, Pete Buchanan, who makes a terrifying return to Hollyoaks after two-and-half years away.

Finding it difficult to process some heart-breaking information about his girlfriend, Toby sets himself the mission of tracking down her abuser. But it’s not long before Cleo discovers what Toby’s up to and she later fears that he may have returned to the village.

When Cleo confides in Celeste about her fears that Pete has returned to the village, she puts her mind at ease, however it is revealed that Pete is watching Cleo. And as Toby attempts to protect girlfriend Cleo from her demons, he has to confront his own.

Cleo is shocked when she discovers the lengths Toby went to whilst protecting her from Pete and is concerned after hearing him say "I didn't mean to kill her" in his sleep. As she decides to speak to him about it, how will he react?

Also this week, Cleo finds a copy of The Secret Garden, the book where her and Pete hid their secret email address to each other.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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